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We’ve teamed up with multiple wholesalers, which allows us to offer our customers incredibly low prices on hotels without taking a commission off your bookings.






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Chrome review

Very useful and well done extension. For me so far has provided very good alternative offers. As a booking genius 3 user I have not even thought that there could be anyone having better offers, but with this extension i saw plenty choises with more delightful prices. Why to overpay the hotel search system instead of having some coctail drinks :)


Chrome review

Damn! Just saved an extra 20% on the hotel booking that seemed to be a good deal. This extension works perfectly 👌 Highly recommended!

Jeffrey Stone

Chrome review

Amazing idea and implementation. At first I couldn't see any savings, but then I've scrolled through the second booking com page and it literally got me better and better prices each hotel i've checked. My top choice, Mandarin was 500 pounds cheaper on Agoda than booking.


Chrome review

An awesome tool to have at hand - it saved me 50 euros the last time I booked a hotel. What not to like about it? Plus the interface is very user friendly.

Jurgita Rakauskaitė

Chrome review

It's like having a personal travel assistant! I used it on recent trips to the US, Germany, and Italy and saved a bundle. Give it a try and start saving on your next adventure!


Chrome review

I was about to book a room on booking.com for 150eur using my laptop. Ratepunk poped up and showed that if I book via mobile, the price is 125eur. Amazing! What else I love about this app: Install and forget - it only pops up when you need it No adds Free of charge

Adrian Fratila

Chrome review

It's a very useful and quite unique extension that saves you a lot of time and money while looking for bookings. Definitely worth it.

Vytautas Savickas

Chrome review

Great tool to find the best travelling options! Highly recommended!

Gabriel Gedzius

Chrome review

I recently used the Ratepunk during my 1.5 week trip to Portugal and Spain, and it turned out to be a lifesaver. It helped me save around 100 euros throughout my journey. No more bookings for me without it. Highly recommended

Andrei Faber


It's a great extension for your browser that provides value and helps you find some awesome deals. Quite practical and unique.

Dovilė Kar


Perfect accommodation search engine! Saves plenty of time. I had some issues and customer support helped me very well. Highly recommended

Martis Ka


App itself works great, booked a place in no time. Had no problem at the place when arrived. Lovely staff! Responds and works fast, I asked for an invoice after the stay in hotel and received it asap!



A very useful tool to save on hotels. I found a 200eur savings on the hotel in Santorini for a week. Before the Ratepunk, I used to call the hotels to negotiate, but now it is unnecessary. Definitely time and money saver. I can't believe it is free!

Emilija Bingelytė


RatePunk is an awesome tool for booking hotels and apartments. It's super easy to use and helped me find killer deals. I saved over 300 euros per stay, which was a game-changer for my budget. So if you wanna save money and score great accommodations, RatePunk is the way to go!

Aistė Mat


I'm not a big fan of hotels, tbh. I prefer Airbnbs, so I didn't try this tool earlier. However, now they do the same on Airbnb, and it showed me that my wanted apartment in Lake Como is $78 cheaper if booked on Booking! Took a few minutes to catch the whole browser extension concept, but def cool, recommend.



A must-have tool for travellers who want to save extra $$ on trips. Not annoying, pops up only when I am browsing for hotels. Recently discovered emojis which show hotel ratings on different websites and I love it - nice touch Ratepunk!

Bogdan V.


the add-on for the browser can save you some money and the prices shown by location can get you some savings as well if you use a VPN. Only this free add-on worth some money if you travel 2-3 times per year. I subscribed recently to the premium version 12$/year and they have some sections for travel hackers where you set the airport and will get some offers. Looks good so far! Support would need to get better as they are not so responsive but let's hope for the best.

Vilmantas Bingelis


It's actually crazy this tool is free. I recently completed my trip to London. I checked accommodation deals on booking.com (Genius level 3 here). I got even more discounts with the extension because it showed the mobile-only price. So yeah, a €226 discount sounds like a bargain, but I also got the VPN change suggestion and got an extra €141 deal!!! 367 Euros saved. well done, Ratepunk!

Roxana Sidoreac


I highly recommend Ratepunk to anyone looking for a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly travel booking experience. Their service is a testament to what modern travel assistance should be. As a frequent traveler, I've had my fair share of experiences with various travel tools and services. However, my recent experience with Ratepunk has been nothing short of exceptional. Their browser extension has not only been incredibly useful but also a game-changer in how I approach travel bookings. The team at Ratepunk, particularly Emma, has shown remarkable dedication and efficiency in handling my reservations. Despite the complexities of multiple bookings, they managed everything with utmost precision, ensuring that all my needs were met.

Mahum Afraz


Excellent booking portal - very thrilled to have found Ratepunk who got us an excellent room with many inclusions including free breakfast and cocktails. We were able to stay at a very luxurious resort for an extremely competitive rate. The Ratepunk team is easily contactable via email and the inclusions included free cancellation at a rate significantly cheaper than all other competitors and third party booking sites. We are quite well travelled and experienced in booking high end holidays at competitive prices but Ratepunk was the best I have seen in a while. You’ve got a returning customer! Look forward to booking through them again soon

Zygimantas Pupelis


I'm so happy to have this app at my fingertips, especially since travel is a constant in my routine. Whether you're a frequent traveler or occasional wanderer, this tool will help significantly reduce your accommodation costs. I see it becoming an indispensable daily companion for many of us.

Gzegoz Zablockij


I've been using ratepunk for more than a year now. Always checking prices before booking a hotel or any other accommodation. Great and simplified comparison. Getting me saved at least 10-15% of initial price.

Tautvydas K


Ok so it was pretty simple - I've opened AirBnB website and launched Ratepunk's extension on my google chrome, I've browsed through some apartments I'd like to stay in and, with Ratepunk's "price offer" feature, automatically sent offers to the hosts asking for a better price, and in like 15 minutes I've received offers from the hosts with reduced price for the stay. Managed to negotiate from €855 to €526, meaning €329 savings in 15 minutes. €1 of Ratepunk subscription saved me €329 in 15 minutes, ROI of 32800%. And it's only my first booking :)

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