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The Ultimate List of The Quirkiest, Spiciest, And Hottest Adults-Only Museums In The World

There are so many intriguing attractions, and most of the time people don’t know that some of them even are located in the country they are visiting. When I was working on a blog post about Jeju Island, I was surprised in finding out that there is an outdoor sex-themed park there. Well, I thought that there are only a few adult-only sex museums in the world. Wrong. There are a bunch of museums around the world that you haven’t heard of before. And guess what: today you are going to learn a bit about all of them.

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Published: Jan 28, 2023 min read

The Ultimate List of The Quirkiest, Spiciest, And Hottest Adults-Only Museums In The World

What You Can Found in Europe? 

#1 Venustempel

Amsterdam is the freest city in Europe and it’s known worldwide. Due to legalized prostitution, it is the home to two sex-themed museums. The first one is Venustempel or in other words “Temple of Venus”- the world’s first and oldest sex museum in the world. The museum itself is not very spacious, often crammed with tourists, and the collection remains fairly modest, with an assortment of Victorian pornography as the main highlight.

Venustempel Damrak 18, 1012 LH Amsterdam; Netherlands

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#2 Red Light Secrets Museum of Prostitution

The museum offers a unique opportunity to look into the world's oldest profession. Tourists will hear 12 audio stories about this business's trade, pros, and cons from first-hand accounts by the working girls. This museum also offers different rooms of experiences: a confessional wall to write down the darkest secrets or take the courage to sit in a red-lighted window. 

Red Light Secrets Museum of Prostitution, Oudezijds Achterburgwal 60-62, Amsterdam, Netherlands

#3 Sex Machines Museum 

There are so many toys for lovemaking that it’s hard to count Seems like inventors have long been obsessed with the idea to improve sexual life or … in some cases abstain from it. Prague's Sex Machines Museum has a wide variety of such gadgets on display-  from ancient chastity belts of the 16th century to copulation tables. There is also a cinema that shows early pornographic films. 

Sex Machines Museum, Melantrichova 476/18, Prague, Czeck Republik

#4 Secret cabinet, National Archeological Museum

The Roman Empire had an acute appreciation for erotic art. Such was made evident during a 19th-century excavation of the ruins at Pompeii and Herculaneum in Italy. Alas, the freewheeling art that was uncovered proved too much for the socially conservative mores of the Victorian era.

Well-endowed statues depicting various gods and goddesses of the Greek and Roman pantheon, sexually explicit oil lamps, and a sculpture of Pan co-mingling with a goat were all moved to Naples' National Archaeological Museum, where they were eventually locked up inside a secret cabinet, opened only for the purview of well-educated gentlemen. However, nowadays everyone has access to the exhibition and can see once upon-a-time hidden artifacts.

National Archeological Museum,19 Piazza Museo, Naples, Italy

#5 El Museu de L'Erotica

Spain has only one erotic museum and it happens to be Barcelona's El Museu de L'Erotica.

The museum has been running since 1997. It offers an extensive historical and cultural record of the influence of erotism on mankind. The museum has more than 800 pieces and 17 rooms, including “The great masters of painting” room, where visitors can see some reproductions of the most famous erotic paintings. And guess what? There is also a special room with erotic pictures drawn by Pablo Picasso.

El Museo del Erotica, La Rambla 96, Barcelona, Spain

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#6 Erotic Art Museum

There used to be two adults-only museums in Germany - one in Berlin, and another one in Hamburg. However, at the moment only the last one is continuing to work. Erotic Art museum displays the world's largest publicly accessible collection of sexualized drawings, paintings, postcards, or cards. The art itself is idolized almost as much as the sex it's portraying. The more than 1,000 works of art illustrate that anything is possible on paper and canvas. The Erotic Art Museum also offers guided tours for tourists that call ahead. Moreover, the entrance fee is not pricey. It only costs five euros. 

 Erotic Art Museum, Bernhard-Nocht-Straße 69, 20359 Hamburg

#7 MEM - Museum of Erotics and Mythology

In the neighborhood of Germany, it is possible to visit one more adult-only museum which is housed in the 18th-century house at the Sablon. Tourists should expect to discover the remarkable history of Erotic art from Antiquity until today. This private collection, one of the most attractive in Europe, offers you the opportunity to see some rare pieces of paintings, sculptures, Greco-Roman antiquities, ivory, Japanese prints, and other curiosities. The collection is said to be one of the most extensive in Europe. It includes rare paintings, antiquities, sculptures, graphics, and various curiosities from different cultures. 

What does erotism have to do with mythology? The existence of a term for sensual desire goes back to the Greek, more precisely the Greek god Eros, son of the love goddess Aphrodite. In Greek mythology, he embodies desire and hence gave erotism its name. The museum communicates and also educates its visitors that it is possible to talk about erotism and see its contempt of it in various timeframes. 

Museum of Erotics and Mythology, Rue Saint-Anne 32 Bruxelles

#8 The Icelandic Phallological Museum

When all other European museums boast about erotism demonstrating various sensual exhibitions the Icelandic Phallological museums are fully based on science. The museum is dedicated to collecting, studying, and presenting actual phalluses and all things in that shape. It contains the world's largest collection of biological phalluses, with hundreds of specimens. The museum has been open to the public since 1997.

The property features a cozy bistro where visitors can grab some snacks and after that go to a unique gift shop. It no need to say that the gift shop offers hundreds of manhood-themed wares, from statues to board games. 

The Icelandic Phallologival MuseumKalkofnsvegur 2, 101 Reykjavík, Ísland, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland 

Are you wondering why the country of love isn’t mentioned? Somehow there are so many misleading articles about Musee de l'Erotisme. Some say that still working although Google shows that is permanently closed. I checked basically everything I could find on the internet, and sadly, the only French adults-only museum has been closed since 2016. Even without the museum, this place still keeps being the city of love.

What we can find in ASIA? 

#9 LOVE Museum 러브 뮤지엄 

Seoul is definitely one of the most vivid and vibrant cities that has so much to offer to tourists. For instance, one of the places is the Love museum which is located in the same building as the popular Seoul Trick Eye Museum. Their visitors will explore a unique art space where magic, humor, eroticism, and art meet interestingly. The museum exhibits 3D paintings and installations that visitors can interact with and take pictures with. Love museum is divided into 6 areas, let's say galleries: Fun & Sexy, Femme Fatale, Korean Erotic Paintings, Erotic Garde, Dream House, and Sex Life.  We won’t share with you details, but it’s entertaining to spend one hour there. 

LOVE Museum 서울시 마포구 홍익로 3길 20 서교프라자 B1 | B1 Seogyo Plaza, 20, Hongik-ro 3-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

#10 Jeju Love Land

While looking for an adults-only museum, I found that there is an entire outdoor sex-themed sculpture park that has been attracting tourists to Jeju Island since 2004. It is a popular tourist destination, known for its unique and controversial exhibits. This outdoor park features 140 provocative sculptures that explicit sexual intercourse scenes and runs sex education films at the museum of sex and health. The park shows the correct information about sex culture that it modified and applied to modern art. However, if you are interested in visiting this place, please check if the park is open to the public. In cooler seasons it is closed and reopens when the weather is getting warmer. 

Jeju Love Land, 2894-72 1100(Cheonbaek)-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea

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#11 Wuhan Sex Museum

Once the museum was in Shanghai but later on, it was moved to Tongli. After a few years, it moved again to another location - Wuhan.  With over 3,000 exhibits like jade penises, chastity belts, and erotic artwork and even 20 of them date back more than 5000 years. Some visitors say that is not worth visiting but the truth must be told- the museum offers a unique glimpse into the history of sex in China.

Wuhan Sex Museum, 2nd floor of Xiaotian'e Hotel, Jichanghe, 285 Qingnian Road, Jianghan District, Wuhan, China 

#12 Tochka G -Erotic Art Museum 

Ironically, one of the most strict countries that censors free speech and LGBTQ rights country - Russia- has an erotic museum. But then again, museum founder and curator Alexander Donskoi doesn't much care for the current government. Some of the exhibits are clearly aimed to provoke the nation by showing explicit paintings of famous politicians. There are some really interesting items, such as Soviet-era condoms and pamphlets on VD that offer onlookers a glimpse of what sex was like behind the Iron Curtain. On-site is also a sex shop (the largest in Russia) that has a wide range of items from naughty Aeroflot uniforms to toys.

Tochka G, Ul Novy Arbat 15, Moscow

#13 PinkRabbit - MusEros

One more museum in Russia. This museum is said to be one of the largest of its kind in the world, featuring 4 rooms on different topics on eroticism. Their visitors will learn about the history of eroticism, including social perceptions and artwork. Each exposition contains various items dating from Victorian times to Soviet-era posters. The museum even has a “naughty chair” that supposedly belonged to Catherine the Great. Nevertheless, it is probably false information. 

MusEros, Ulitsa Sedova, 11, St Petersburg, Russia, 192019

#14 Black Temple of Chiang Rai

Let’s say it is an art museum and cultural center located in the city of Chiang Rai, which is also known as the "Black House". The Black Temple is a collection of buildings and outdoor exhibits created by the late Thai artist and architect, Thawan Duchanee. The museum is a unique blend of traditional Thai architecture and contemporary art, featuring many of Thawan's own creations, such as sculptures, paintings, and other artworks.

The Black House consists of several buildings, including traditional-style teakwood houses and more modern structures. The artworks inside the Black House are often thought-provoking and unusual, and some have been known to be controversial. It covers in an unusual way different themes such as fertility and procreation. Rooms shaped like vaginas, penis-shaped handles and expanses of wooden phalluses will welcome you in this particular museum. However, this is not sex museum, but we wanted to include it since you wound’t feel comfortable going there with your children. 

Adults-only attractions in South America

#16 Erotikaland Brasil 

What if there place similar to Disneyland but only for adults? If you prefer going to amusement parks rather than visiting museums, this place might be just for you.Erotikaland is the first adult amusement park in Piraciacaba, a two-hour drive from Sao Paulo. There a buch of activities you can experience: ride genital-shaped rollercoasters, jump into the nudist swimming pool, or enjoy a film at the 7D cinema (oh boy, including vibrating seats of course). And no, we're not kidding about any of this. Furthermore, the claim that Erotikaland's aim is not to become a hotbed of sins. It is rather to promote awareness about safe sex, and teach visitors about the history of sexuality. Anyway, if you decide to venture into the new attraction, you should definitely not be prude.

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#17 Museo Larco 

The Museo Larco is a privately owned museum of pre-Columbian art located in Lima, Peru. The museum is housed in an 18th-century vice-royal mansion, and it features a collection of over 45,000 pieces of pre-Columbian art, including ceramics, textiles, metalwork, and jewelry. The museum's main focus is on the art and culture of ancient Peru, with a particular emphasis on the Moche and Inca cultures. There is also a special pre-Columbian erotic gallery that offers a fascinating unique perspective on ancient Peruvian suxuality. 

The Museo LarcoAv. Simón Bolívar 1515, Pueblo Libre, Lima 21, Peru 


Adults-only museums in the USA
#18 Antique Vibrator Museum

It is a small museum located in San Francisco's Mission District. Over 20 years ago Joani Blank began collecting antique vibrators and once word got out people started sending the bedroom toys they had found. The museum features a collection of antique vibrators and other sexual health artifacts, dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The museum's displays include a range of vibrators, as well as other sexual health and wellness items. The museum's exhibits aim to highlight the history of sexual technology and the evolution of the vibrator and to educate visitors on the role of sexual health and wellness in our society. In addition to its historical exhibits, the museum also offers a fun and entertaining experience for visitors of all ages.

Antique Vibrator Museum,1620 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109

#19 Harry Mahoney's Erotic Heritage Museum

Heritage means Harry Mohney's Erotic Heritage Museum was founded in Las Vegas in 1969 by Harry Mohney, who was also the founder of the Deja Vu chain of strip clubs. In the museum, visitors will see strange sexual objects, learn about the long history of sexology and practices, and the role of sexuality in society—just many S-words. The museum's goal is to provide a fun, educational, and entertaining experience for visitors, and to promote a greater understanding of the history and significance of human sexuality.

Harry Mahoney's Erotic Heritage Museum, 3275 Industrial Rd, Las Vegas, United States

#20 World Erotic Art Museum / WEAM

Miami's World Erotic Art Museum hosts some of the most respectable erotica around: a 4,000-strong collection (a Karma Sutra-themed four-poster bed, a six-foot carved wood phallus) there are also works by Rembrandt van Rijn and Pablo Picasso. I must add that this museum focuses more on erotic art than pornography; it can be fine art, and it can represent different cultures too. 

World Erotic Art Museum, 1205 Washington Ave., Miami Beach

#21 Leather Archives and Museum, Chicago

I bet that after “Fifty Shades Of Grey” this museum increased its popularity. The museum was founded in 1991 as a community archives, library, and museum of leather, kink, fetish, and BDSM history and culture. I can assure you that after exploring this museum, you’ll know all the definitions and meanings of BDSM vocabulary. Definitely one of the more interesting things to do in Chicago!

Leather Archives and Museum, 6418 N Greenview Ave, Chicago, IL 60626, United States

#22 Museum of Sex

New York City's Museum of Sex has a gift for combining the academic with the just plain silly.

In addition to a permanent collection of 15,000 fascinating erotic artifacts, the museum regularly hosts exhibits that can range from the informative (The Sex Lives of Animals) to the bizarre (a recent show, "Super Funland: Pleasures & Perils of the Erotic Fairground”. The museum also features Play, a bar serving up bawdily named but super delicious cocktails.

Museum of Sex, 233 5th Ave., New York; United States

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